Flighty Zzzzz’s

“experts” say you should never sleep on a plane, because you never know if something is about to happen. I think … (just personally mind you) that if something is happening on a plane and there is screaming and crying reverberating throughout the cabin, oxygen masks dangling in front of my face — I’m going to be startled awake, at which point I’m probably going to wish I hadn’t. If it happens … it’s going to happen.

Off the point of this blog, but at along the same thinking as the last paragraph. Recently I was travelling and the person next to me made the sign of the cross as we gathered speed to take off. I asked them what that was for and they replied that they asked God for a safe flight. I leaned over and told them “If I prayed, I’d be asking for it to be over quick should something happen”. I was given this “well I never” look — but that was just my opinion.

Back to the purpose of this blog …

… it’s a talent

Sleeping (and trying to do so gracefully) on a flight is, above all things “an art”. Never have I been walking through a plane and noticed people who are sleeping and thought … “don’t they look peaceful”.

On a flight, there are basically three kinds of people …

  • people who NEED to sleep (for fear of flying),
  • people who FORCE themselves to sleep (out of boredom),
  • people who don’t sleep and usually force those around them into the category above.

You can always tell the person who is afraid of sleeping. They take every measure possible to escape the situation. The blindfold, the noise-cancelling headset, and usually sitting in the aisle seat. They’ve put themselves into the center of it all to keep it out of their head that by some magic, they are flying at hundreds of miles per hour — and there is no road underneath them to stop them from falling.

Actually, when you look at the picture, this gentleman is actually in one of the better positions for sleeping on a plane … even with all the sensory-depriving accessories. As explained in a bit, the location is perfect. He’s sitting straight up, not leaning or slouching. If he had only grabbed the neck pillow from the person beside him, he would have scored a perfect 10.

The BEST position

to get a restful “nap” (lets face it, no one EVER gets a full energizing sleep on a plane), is using that tray table and leaning forward. Just remember … (from a previous blog) … make sure to have “Wet Ones” to wipe that table down before laying your head on it … who knows the number of germs on that thing.

“experts” say … one of the WORST positions to sleep in on a plane is leaning – especially leaning on the outside wall. Personally, I am guilty of this, simply because at home, I sleep on my side. They say the (i) cold, and (ii) vibrations are not good stimulators for a good rest (obviously they have never been in my bedroom during the winter when I have the window open). Hence .. the pillow, occasionally a blanket and usually a smaller version of ear-plugs to help get that much needed nap.

… location, location, location

If you are an individual who KNOWS they are going to be sleeping on their flight(s) – take into consideration when booking your ticket, where your seat is located. “experts” say … the best seats to sleep in while on a flight are typically the front of the plane. ANY FOOL knows first class is a better spot with bigger seats, better recline and more leg space! But they also include window location. In the front of the plane, the windows are in perfect alignment to the back of the seat by a few inches. Sitting here, you don’t have to crane your neck 90 degrees to look out, instead it’s a slight 45 degree glance. SHOULD you want to sleep on the outer wall, this position of the window a few inches in front of you allows you a “wall” to sleep on and not a cavity into the window.

… not everyone flies first class

For those back in the economy section of the plane where the seats no longer recline – the best seat to sleep in is actually a middle seat. Think about this … the space between windows on a plane does not change – the spacing between the rows do, so chances are you’re sitting beside a window or a full-on wall.

The aisle (ANY AISLE SEAT) is the worst seat to chose if you are going to be zzz-ing your flight away. Obvious reasons with this … (i) not everyone is a graceful walker in a tiny airplane aisle and you are guaranteed to be bumped into, (Ii) accidentally hit (by a passing beverage cart), (iii) or just caught up in the noises that travel up and down the only open space in a plane — the aisle. Plus, there is always the chance that somewhere on that plane is a young toddler whose parents are tired of having them on their lap and have decided to let the child run amok with even less grace and balance than most and every drunken adult.

Just imagine … should you be dozing the hours away … mouth open, drool at the corner of your mouth, an occasional snore released … imagine what these poor flight attendants must think when they look through the crowd. I’m willing to bet their not saying …

sweet dreams dear passenger

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