Holidays vs. Vacations

I remember growing up and waiting with great anticipation for the Memorial Weekend to show it. It was the time our family went on our first long-weekend camping vacation.

… holiday

Then, when school was finished, we headed out on the July 1-4 weekend for another, long-weekend camping vacation.

… holiday

And … of course, we always ended the year off on the first weekend in September for the last long-weekend camping vacation.

… holiday

As a child, I really wasn’t concerned with the fact that we were NOT the only ones taking these “vacations”. I wasn’t really concerned that, in order to get to a nice campground and get a prime site, it often meant packing the pick-up camper at midnight, to be on the road by at least 2:00am (not to mention sleeping among all the camping gear in the back) so we could get there when the office opened, and usually still be waiting in line behind DOZENS of other families who decided to vacation on … the holiday.

I’ve grown up, and learned (rather quickly I might add) from the mistakes of my parents wanting to give us the perfect long-weekend vacations … I DON’T TRAVEL ON HOLIDAYS! In fact, I go out of my way to make sure to avoid any of those popular dates because what do those “popular dates” typically include ??

  • more people driving
  • longer lines at ticket counters in the airports
  • louder crowds in the hotels and beaches
  • local parades and celebrations
  • detours and construction on every major highway (afterall, construction can only be done during the warmer seasons)
  • higher prices for gasoline and airplane tickets

the list goes on an on in my case against holiday date travel.

Of course, as I have grown up — my taste in vacation has changed too —

  • I’m too old to be setting up “camp” in the dark, rain or beating sun and sleeping on a cot with a blow-up air mattress. GREAT for when I was 14-30yrs old.
  • the motor-home is nice but very limiting. GREAT for when I was 30-45yrs old.
  • beach vacations are always relaxing if you can find a secluded resort to cater to all your whims AND the weather co-operates. GREAT for when I was 45-55yrs old.
  • cruising seems to be the best of all worlds (and yes, that is the ship we took to Alaska in May of 2019) GREAT while I am still doing it!.

I reached a point where I WILL NO LONGER vacation on a HOLIDAY. A holiday MAY be included in my vacation, but never the two shall be the same.

Looking back to my VERY FIRST blog, I said “being of-age is a reckoning” it’s “a point where you’ve decided you’ve had enough (of something of another) and when you reach that realization, you come to terms that you ARE an of-age traveller. ■

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